Purchasing a shed from Calgary Shed Company is one of the easiest and most affordable ways of adding some extra storage space. Built of durable, high-quality materials, the beauty and long-lasting appeal, is inspired to compliment your home.

Our sheds come in a wide variety of customizable options and styles. Choosing your own personal combination of features makes every shed unique and suitable to a wide variety of tastes. The possibilities for creativity are limitless and custom paint matches are even available.  Storing your belongings is just the beginning!

Options and Upgrades

There are many benefits in purchasing a custom shed from Calgary Shed Company.  The first benefit is size and shape. If you buy a prefab model, your choices will be limited to stock (or possibly special order, which usually costs you more). If you have an unusual corner or area of your yard that would be perfect for a shed, you aren’t going to find that shed at the big box store. Ditto if you need an odd size, such as in floor space or height.

Maybe you would like something extra tall with rafter space for storage. Or something long and narrow, but still spacious. All of these “outside of the ordinary” needs won’t be met with a prefab.

Another plus of custom sheds is the décor possibility. Want to coordinate your backyard with your home and landscaping? We can build you a shed with matching (or complimentary) siding and shingles. You can even go as far as windows and doors that work with your home’s existing ones.  Extra windows, decorative doors, flower boxes and shutters can all be done with a custom shed by  Calgary Shed Company. Try getting that from the Home Improvement store!

Calgary Shed Company sheds are made to weather well and keep everything that you store inside safe and secure. Prefabs can easily blow over or down with a decent storm, possibly damaging what you have inside as well as anything around it.

Get exactly what you want for your family. The convenience and usefulness of this is worth the extra cost.

When you weigh the benefits of a Calgary Shed Company built shed against the prefab alternative, you'll come out convinced that it's the only way to bring storage and security into your backyard. Have a uniquely designed, custom built shed installed in your backyard and you’ll enjoy it worry free for years to come.


  • Professional Installation
  • Leveling - up to 6 inches included
  • Painting – Benjamin Moore Colors
  • Skirting - Fibre Cement
  • Foundation and Floor- pressure treated and OSB
  • Shingles – IKO 30 year - your choice of color
  • Premium Materials and Superior Craftsmanship

Exterior trim

Flower Boxes with Liner
Window Shutters
Gable Vent
Pressure Treated Ramp
Skirting Lattice
Skirting Fiber Cement

Windows and Doors

Sliding Window 18" x 30"
Fixed Window 18" x 30"
Steel Door with Lockset
Steel Door with 9 Lite Window
Steel Door with Full Lite Window
Skylight 2' x 2'
Skylight 2' x 4'

Interior and Flooring

Shelf - 24" Wide
Pegboard - 48" Tall
Gravel Bed
Cement Pad
Pressure Treated Plywood Floor

Give us a call when you are ready to start planning your perfect shed.  We'll go through your personal requirements and give you a free estimate.